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The History of Murrumbateman Community Church

The church was built in 1876 as a ‘Union Church’. Services were held alternately by Presbyterian and Church of England ministers for around forty years.  When it no longer served the local people it was taken over by the Presbyterian Church and re- named ‘Scots ‘Church’. In 1926, to celebrate fifty years of use, a porch was added to the front of the building.  The church remained Presbyterian until 22 June 1977 when three churches; Congregational, Methodist and Presbyterian combined to become ‘The Uniting Church in Australia’.

It then continued as ‘Scots Uniting Church’ in the Yass parish holding monthly services until its closure in 1984.
Around 1994 when rumours of a commercial interest in purchasing the property were brought to notice a group of local Christians decided to look at its possible restoration. The Canberra Presbytery Office was contacted and agreement was reached that it would not be sold if there was sufficient interest in maintaining its future as a worship centre for Murrumbateman. With no obvious financial support (in fact zero) the group that wanted it to be used again decided to look at ways to achieve this end.

The minister at the North Belconnen and Wattle Park parish, The Rev Niall Reid, became involved and was a tremendous leader in the whole process. It was through the Rev Reid a business man, who had an interest in historic buildings, offered his carpenter to replace the floor and repair other woodwork as required. By the time this carpenter arrived money had been received from the Presbytery Office and North Belconnen parish which enabled the church to purchase the necessary timber.

Prayers of the people had been answered in a very practical way and as the group involved came from a variety of religious affiliations insisted that the church, when restored, be open and available to the whole community and be called the ‘Community Church’.

The facility is now used by people of the Uniting Church and by the Catholic Community. Services and Mass are held each Sunday in the hall rather than the little old church which is now used as and when required. In the time since re-opening the church has been used for weddings, funerals and other Christian activities.

This Sunday, 30th we will be combining the Anglican church at our hall for the morning service due to it being the 5th Sunday of March. Come down and meet some of the people of Murrumbateman.

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